Introducing the AFS Intercultural Link Initiative

Watch Vincenzo Morlini meet with Laura Kline-Taylor, an ICL staff member at AFS International, to discuss some of the “links” of the new AFS Intercultural Link Initiative designed to deepen our long-standing commitment to intercultural learning and competency development.

About AFS Intercultural Link

The Intercultural Link Initiative is a series of AFS activities, materials and programs that began in 2011 and focus on helping AFSers strengthen their own intercultural communications abilities in order to better serve our mission and stakeholders. These include:

  • the AFS Intercultural Link newsletters,
  • the “ICL…for AFSers” and “ICL…for Friends of AFS” articles,
  • the AFS ICL Responsibles project,
  • the AFS ICL Digital Library, and
  • the Learning Program launched in the Americas and Asia-Pacific in late 2011.

All friends of AFS are invited to enjoy the AFS Intercultural Link newsletters, the AFS ICL Blog and check out “ICL…for Friends of AFS” articles to gain insight into our goals, methodology and take on intercultural relations theories and practices.

To become an AFS Volunteer and gain full access to the opportunities and materials that are part of the Intercultural Link Initiative, contact AFS in your country today.

Registered AFS Volunteers can log in now. Contact icl@afs.org with any questions.

ICL ...for Friends of AFS

Intercultural theories and AFS educational practices explained. 

AFS Intercultural Link Newsletter

Your source for all intercultural learning news in AFS and beyond.