China Education Association for International Exchange, AFS China

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Yifu Conference Center
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Beijing 100031
People's Republic Of China

Telephone: +86.10.66410731, +86.10.66418220
Fax: +86.10.66416156
E-mail: afschina@chn.afs.org
Website: http://www.afsceaie.org.cn/

You're only limited by your imagination, and AFS opens up a world of adventure by offering exchange programs in over 50 countries. AFS programs present a variety of choices, allowing over 11,000 participants annually to adjust program focus according to their individual needs.

The Year Program, far and away AFS's most popular option, is a year-long educational exploration of another country's culture. The AFS Year Program student lives with a host family, attends a local school and becomes involved in community activities. Students completely immerse themselves in another culture by nurturing relationships with the local community, speaking the local language and taking part in their daily routines. Host school attendance is required, not optional, for Year Program participants.

The Semester Program lasts about six months over the course of an academic school semester. Like the Year Program, students stay with host families, attend local schools and take part in community activities. Host school attendance is required, not optional, for Semester Program participants.

The Intensive Program is a shorter-length option involving exchanges lasting from one to three months, usually during a break in the student's academic year. The Intensive Program student may select from a number of options, including a traditional homestay, a concentrated language program, an outdoor education program or a cultural studies program.

AFS organizations worldwide are constantly adding to their core programs by offering activities for different age groups, introducing new country combinations and establishing variable components such as domestic programs, vocational-based short programs for individuals over the age of 18, teacher/educator exchanges and School Link projects among primary and secondary schools.

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