The 2014 Galatti Award for Outstanding AFS Volunteers is now open!

Established in 1983, the Galatti Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service honors AFS Volunteers whose commitment and exceptional dedication have advanced the mission and goals of AFS. Anyone impressed with an AFS Volunteer may submit a nomination using the 2014 Galatti Award Nomination Form. All nominations must be submitted through this process by July 30, 2014.

Find out more on the Galattti Award Nomination process here!

Congratulations to the 2013 Galatti Award recipients:

Rev. Allan Okomeng-Mensah—AFS Ghana
The Rev. Allan Okomeng-Mensah has served AFS for 36 continuous years. He was a pioneer in establishing the AFS Ghana volunteer network. All three of his children were AFS Participants and his family has hosted students from Belgium, the United States, and China. He has served as chair of the AFS Ghana Board since 2011, having first been elected a member in 1994.

Adrienne Rowell—AFS Australia
Ms. Rowell sent her son on an exchange to the United States in 1993 and has been actively involved as an AFS Volunteer in the two decades since then, including serving as regional chairperson for Eastern Victoria. She is best known for her commitment to the welfare of students and families and has built a reputation for her communication skills and her ability to manage difficult situations.

AFS congratulates both of our outstanding 2013 Galatti Award recipients and thanks them for their dedicated service.

For more than 65 years, the success of AFS exchange programs has depended on a network of volunteers who generously donate their time and talents. The Galatti Award was established in 1983 to recognize these contributions, and it is presented each year to community volunteers who have provided long-term support at the grassroots level. The award is the most prestigious commendation granted by AFS, celebrating the accomplishments of outstanding volunteers as well as the positive impact that volunteerism has on the community.

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