With offices in more than 50 countries and program activity in more than 80, AFS offers a wide range of inspiring opportunities for teenagers, young adults and teachers to expand their horizons through an intercultural experience abroad. 

All AFS programs are supported by trained volunteers and encourage participants to connect to a global community by developing individual relationships. They can spend a full year in a foreign culture, take part in one of the shorter programs that last only a few weeks or sign up to host a visiting exchange student or teacher.  

School Programs for High School Students

The vast majority of AFS participants take part in the school-based exchange programs, which give students from all over the world the chance to fully immerse themselves in a new culture. Participants live with host families and attend a local school as a full-time student during the course of an academic year, semester or trimester. Depending on the host country, these programs begin in July / August / September or January / February / March.

For more information on available school-based exchange programs, contact the AFS office in your home country.

Short Programs for High School Students

Summer programs are a great alternative for students who want to gain intercultural experience, but don't have the flexibility to study abroad for an entire semester or academic year. These programs run from two weeks up to three months, and focus on cultural immersion, language study and community service. Participants have the option to live with an AFS Host Family while they spend their school break exploring a foreign culture, attending classes or taking part in organized activities within the local community. 

For more information on available short exchange programs, contact the AFS office in your home country.

Community Service Programs for
Young Adults over 18

Open to participants over the age of 18, AFS Community Service programs are perfect for recent high school graduates, students taking a gap year or any young adults who want to make a positive impact on society as well as learn about another culture. Participants gain practical skills and knowledge while doing volunteer work at local organizations in more than 20 countries around the world. These service opportunities include, for example, teaching English to children, developing training programs with human rights workers, aiding homeless children and working at orphanages 

For more information on available community service programs, contact the AFS office in your home country.

Programs for teachers and other professionals

AFS works with educators to expand global awareness within the classroom by offering exchange programs for teachers. Schools can send teachers and other professionals on short-term programs abroad, where they live with a host family and teach at a local school. These partnerships allow teachers to expand their perspectives on other cultures by exploring the variety of teaching methods and philosophies employed in other parts of the world. 

For more information on programs for teachers and other professionals, contact the AFS office in your home country.

Hosting an AFS Participant

Almost all of these exchange programs are made possible by AFS Host Families, who generously open their homes to students, volunteers and teachers. Host families have the unique opportunity to share their cultures and provide AFS Participants with learning experiences that will last a lifetime. 

For more information on hosting an AFS Participant, contact the AFS office in your home country.

AFS & Exchange Programs

AFS provides intercultural learning experiences that bring global cultures together by helping people connect.

Impact of AFS Programs

AFS has research that shows the impact of our programs.

Support & Security

The safety and well being of our participants is our highest priority.

AFS & Volunteerism

Volunteers are the heart and driving force of AFS.


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